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France Laure



For 3 generations, France Laure has been designing, manufacturing in its production workshops and marketing care and beauty products. The family business was founded in 1957 in Paris by Joseph Fantin. In 1970, the France Laure brand was exported to North America. Joseph Fantin then decides, with the support of his son Bruno Fantin, to concentrate their efforts in research and development to invest in this new market. Together, they conceive a range of products and avant-garde treatments for esthetic professionals. In 2001, the company moved to Montreal. Since then, the products are entirely designed and developed in Quebec.  In 2017, Frédéric Fantin, Joseph Fantin’s grandson, succeeds his father Bruno and takes over the management of the company. He then totally rethinks the identity of the France Laure brand to give it its current image.

We believe in the harmonious union of nature and science to create skincare products that exceed all expectations. Our formulations are meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients, carefully selected for their effectiveness and skin benefits. Whether natural treasures or scientific breakthroughs, we combine the best of both worlds to bring you outstanding products.

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Our formulas are composed of the highest concentrations of active ingredients to guarantee a visible result. Our R&D department focuses on innovation through the research of essential ingredients, known or unknown, and on the creation of complexes.


Our products are all made in Quebec. They are designed, created and assembled in the same building as the head office, thus facilitating quality control. They are paraben and mineral oil free.


The skin undergoes various changes over the course of a lifetime. Some are temporary, others are permanent. Our Collections can be mixed and/or combined to provide the flexibility and adaptation required.


The active ingredients we use support the natural action of the skin. They aim to improve, develop or complement it. None of our products are tested on animals.


Draw from natural resources to create products in perfect symbiosis with the skin. We offer women the opportunity to stimulate the original beauty of their skin through science.


Every skin is different, as is every moment of a lifetime. Offering quality cosmetics is necessary to meet all needs and adapt as the skin evolves.


50 years of Quebec expertise
25 collaborators forming the team
0 paraben and mineral oil
0 animal testing