Your Skin

You have:

  • A lack of elasticity and glow.
  • Visible lines.
  • A feeling of discomfort and pulling.

Your skin lacks water. Luckily, this condition is transitory. It may be the result of insufficient water consumption, intensive physical exercise, climatic factors, stress, lack of sleep and certain medication.

Collection Hydradermal

You have:

  • Oily skin, covered with blackheads and/or spots.
  • Shiny skin and/or obstructed pores.
  • Problems maintaining a fresh skin feel for a long period.
  • Your makeup does not hold.

Your skin presents all the symptoms of oily and/or acne-type skin. This pathology is not caused by a lack of hygiene; it is often of hormonal or hereditary origin, or linked to the use of an overly rich cosmetic product or certain medication.

Collection ClariPhase

You have:

  • Blackheads and occasionally spots on the forehead, nose and chin.
  • Skin that is sometimes oily when you touch the central part of your face.
  • Normal skin when touching the two sides of your face.

You have an oil surplus on the T-zone of the face while the side zones are normal. You just need treatment with products which rebalance sebaceous gland activity but without drying out normal skin or applying over-rich products on the T-zone.

Collection Reballance

You have:

  • Skin which feels tight and uncomfortable.
  • Skin which stings, pulls and lacks suppleness.
  • Very sensitive skin, easily irritated, ruddy and without glow.
  • Very fine skin.

Dry skin (alipic) is the result of insufficient sebum secretion. Skin has a tendency to wrinkle earlier than other types of skin, especially around the eyes and the mouth. The oil normally secreted by some glands is responsible for suppleness and comfort.

Collection Nutri-Laure

You have:

  • Less defined facial contours.
  • Skin that is less firm to touch and that gives the impression it is losing its fullness and cushiony feel.
  • More visible expression lines.
  • Less even color than before and pigment marks.

The epidermis needs to be re-firmed, toned up, re-sculpted and plumped up. Mature skin is not only present in people of mature age, it can be observed in people of any age.

Collection Ultime Jeunesse

You have:

  • Skin which accepts virtually no product; it seems to react to anything you apply.
  • A clear complexion, but easily reddens, either due to harsh external elements, stress or even touch.
  • Skin which stretches, heats up and tickles.
  • The face, cheeks and even neck are always red.

Sensitive skin needs gentleness and tender care. It is important to desensitize it and increase its ability to be protected properly..

Collection Sensibelle