Fruit acids
restore brightness and luminosity to your skin…and reveal your true appearance

Also known as AHA (alpha hydroxy acid), are substances that are found in their natural state in certain fruits and plants, such as apples, pears and sugar cane. This trio, made up of a Lotion, a Cream and a Gel, produce gentle and gradual exfoliation without irritation.

Gentle and gradual exfoliation without irritants help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make pigmentary spots less visible. Skin becomes softer, more supple and smoother. This treatment eliminates dead cells from the corneal layer and cleanses obstructed pores therefore preventing the formation of blackheads. By revealing a new skin layer, its texture becomes healthier looking. Hydrated, skin finds its vitality and will be more receptive to nutritive care products used.

The advantage with the Fruit Acids is that we may start a treatment any time of the year, in winter as in summer. They have the power to exfoliate the corneal layer and soften the skin. Its exfoliating action helps the skin get rid of its impurities. The AHA’s are a true well of youthfulness to the skin: once the AHA’s rid skin of dead cells, they allow the skin to restore its youthfulness. With the naked eye, we see wrinkles erase themselves little by little.

Oily skin also supports this product very well, not only to attenuate cell aging, but also to treat acne episodes and excess sebum. Before starting a Fruit Acid cure, find out about the Propeel professional exfoliant with fruit acids, an excellent treatment which increases the properties of this gradual exfoliant treatment without irritation.